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      I just added these links to my other Topic but they are worth pulling out on their own. I apologize for overloading the front page. I started looking at old posts and find that many need updating.

      Atrium C-Qur is a mesh product that was coated with Omega-3 fish oil, a food supplement, apparently to give it anti-adhesion properties once implanted, according to the patents. As opposed, for example, to Progrip mesh which is treated with PLA polymer to give it enhanced adhesion properties once implanted. One treated to make it slippery, one treated to make it sticky, both specified for the exact same applications.

      These two products side by side show that people really do not know what works best, that they are guessing, and that anybody can introduce any plastic mesh product to the hernia repair market, with little to no proof of efficacy. This seems hyperbolic but I can’t find any way to reduce the impact of what it seems to show.

      The product line was sold to another medical products company and then resold to a private capital firm which will probably try to strip some value from it after settling the lawsuits.

      A sad story in the big picture of things but it does offer some hope for seeing the bad products removed from the market. But, again, it’s the law firms, not the professional physicians doing the work. Where is the professional oversight?

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      Good intentions
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