Trocar Site Incisional Hernia (1 to 2 inches above belly button)

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      Khir Johari

      Hoping for an opinion from Dr. Towfigh and also anyone who have gone through the same kind of hernia repair.

      I am planning to do an Open Mesh Incisional Hernia surgery.that coming up in a few months.
      I have a Trocar Site Hernia right above my belly button. .
      Got the hernia 4 months after the Laparoscopic Gallbladder Removal surgery last year 2017.


      1. Open mesh surgery, what is concurrence and complications rate for this type of hernia ? Does this considered as Small Incisional hernia or is it similar to Umbilical Hernia ?
      2. Is this type of surgery an easy and straight forward fix ?
      3. I am concern about mesh problems, is it safe ? The general surgeon i have consulted said he will use light weight mesh.
      4. I have pain daily, but so far able to manage by pushing the hernia back in.
      5. Does the positioning/location of the mesh important , sublay, Inlay , Onlay and etc ? I am concern the Mesh will stick to the bowel/intestine ? What is the best positioning for this type of hernia ?
      6. Chances of long term complications with this type of surgery ? Concern about long term complications, chronic pain, adhesion and etc.
      7. I am 65 years old male and BMI approx. 29. Is this a risk factor for this kind of surgery and long term recovery ?.
      8. What are other treatment, like NO MESH surgery ? The recurrence rate and complication rate for this type of surgery ?

      Please help. Will appreciate any comments or feed back.

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