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      I had an open repair with mesh done on a large inguinal hernia almost 3 months ago now, and though swelling is gone, and outward signs of bruising are gone,I still feel bruised on the inside.

      I’m trying to be patient and not panic, but is this to be expected?

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      Good intentions

      The variety of outcomes from hernia repair is pretty wide. Are you an active person or more sedentary? Do you know what type of mesh was used? Details are always helpful, the number of possible combinations of mesh and placement is very large.

      Most people don’t describe their discomfort as feeling bruised, so that’s hard to compare. Generally though, you’ll be expected to deal with the new problem as well as you can, and decide, eventually, if you need to have more work done. Panic won’t help, I think that dread might be a better word. After three months the mesh will be “incorporated” or buried in to the surrounding tissue. So, there are probably no immediate actions that can be taken. Most hernia repair doctors will suggest pain relieving steps before any further surgery.

      Good luck. Post more details, they might offer a path forward.

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