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      Can anyone recommend any UK surgeons that do tissue repairs using dissolvable sutures. So far the best I’ve been able to find is Desarda repair using prolene sutures.

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      Your question seems very specific and I don’t have precise answer. However, dissolvable sutures are oftentimes used to stitch upper layer of muscles while lower level (stronger) muscles are “closed” with permanent sutures at pure tissue repair. UK doctors who use pure tissue repair based on internet info are Aalie Sheen from Manchester and Simon Marsh from London. I am 100% sure that there are more surgeons in UK who use pure tissue repair. I would also mention that you should be very careful with Desarda technique, which was criticised enough.

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        Hi,i too live in the uk in the south east.The only surgeon i have found is a Consultant General Surgeon Simon Bailey,at KIMS Hospital maidstone in Kent,he does Shouldice Hernia repairs with dissolvable sutures.I too am looking to have this done,but have yet to find any of his patient reviews anywhere,this is making me very nervous.

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        I would recommend looking at the Desarda repair as it’s tension free. If you check the website it outlines the benefits, it’s also an easier surgery to perform.

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        May I ask what you mean by Desarda technique criticism Mike?

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      I recommend focusing on finding a gifted hernia surgeon specialist — and there are many in the UK – and seek guidance from them to tailor a plan of care based on your needs.

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      William Bryant

      Hello MikeL, it’s frustrating that there doesn’t seem to be many recommendations or reviews for UK non mesh surgeons.

      Has anyone on here had a non mesh repair in UK? If so which surgeon was it?

      Someone must have had non mesh in UK but cannot find reviews or recommendations, might be my search skills or lack of them.

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