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      i had a strangulated hernia and had emergency surgery on december 27th, it was repaired with mesh and i spent three days in icu due to an illeus and other issues.,within three months i noticed the bulge had returned also a hard lump had formed under the incision site, i am in pain most of the time and am concerned that the mesh has failed, i still have the district nurse visiting twice a week as a part of the incision has not healed and is still bleeding and oozing, they seem to think that the hard lump is an incisional hernia. I am really worried and would welcome any advice as to what can be done and if the mesh can cause problems as it is no longer holding in the hernia. thank you for taking the time to read this

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      I’m sorry you’re going through this.

      Did the surgical wound dehisc and open on it’s own? Was there an infection? Is the nurse having to pack it to let heal from the inside out?

      I’m not a doctor, but my assumption is that any future procedure would likely be delayed until the existing wound has completely healed, and then they would reassess for an umbilical hernia and/or incisional hernia. Of course that may not apply if the mesh itself is part of problem and in need of replacement, but an experienced hernia surgeon should be able to give you proper insight into this.

      What part of the country / world are you located in? Perhaps a regional expert can be recommended to assist you.

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      yes the wound dehisc when they removed the stitches, there was no infection, they have been packing it for three months, the last two just cleaning and dressing, i am in manchester uk, thank you chaunce1234 for taking the time to reply

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      Good intentions

      Professor Sheen, aka Herniator, is in Manchester. He was on the site just a few days ago. [USER=”2016″]Herniator[/USER]

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      I can help and see you – please email me thorough my website

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