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      I had an open inguinal hernia repair on my right side in December 21 in which mesh was utilised. Everything went well until February 23 when I began having significant groin pains following pushing someone in a wheelchair. I originally was diagnosed by a physiotherapist as having Osteitis Pubis. However a different, better qualified physio was dubious about this diagnosis believing I had more likely disturbed the hernia mesh in some way. The pain and discomfort I had experienced was largely confined to the right side ( round the area where mesh was fitted).

      In July 23 I had an MRI which rather confusingly identifed the strong likelihood of an inguinal hernia on my left side ( where I have been pain free) but didn’t identify a hernia on my right side. Yet the symptoms on my right side are very consistent with a hernia – pain when lifting anything heavy, pain when sneezing, when constipated etc.

      In her first Q and A ‘ podcast ‘ Dr Towfigh mentioned something called an unstable hernia repair. This is where the mesh would seem to be intact ( so would not identify an issue on an MRI scan ) yet one could still experience the issues associated with a conventional hernia. This would seem to fit my circumstances.

      I would be grateful if anyone had any similar experience as me could share any learning points about this? Specifically I am wanting to learn if this can be sorted by further iguinal hernia surgery, and if so what kind of surgery, how complicated the procedure would be etc?

      Grateful for any advice.

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      Good intentions

      The type of repair, and type of mesh, and type of fixation might offer some clues. There is a wide variety, and a wide variety of combinations. “Open with mesh” is very undefined.

      Lichtenstein, plug and patch, Prolene hernia system (PHS), Onstep with Onflex mesh, and TREPP are examples. Plus an array of different meshes, and a variety of fixation materials.

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      Good intentions, thank you for your very prompt response.
      Unfortunately I don’t know much about the nature of the operation, other than that it was open surgery. The type of mesh was 6cm X 11cm ultrapro mesh from ethicon. I now understand the particular type of mesh is part absorbible.
      A useful thing for me to do is to ascertain the procedure used in repairing my hernia.

      Thank you again.

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