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      Mike X

      Hello Everyone; I am a 65-year old male and I have had a hernia (actually two — one one each side of my groin) since December. I have been having side-effects from my hernia that seem to be very unusual:

      (A) Loss of Appetite (resulting in a loss of weight).

      (B) Pain in my rectum.

      (C) Extremely Uncomfortable — it feels like I have a broomstick stuck up my rectum.

      (D) Excessive Bowel Movements — I usually have at least 25 bowel movements each day. I have sudden & very strong urges to defecate all day & night long. Sometimes I will have as many as 7 or more bowel movements in a single hour. It seems as if my rectum is going spastic.

      (E) Fecal Incontinence (loss of bowel control)

      (F) Blood in Stools

      FYI: I’ve seen a physician who confirmed that I have a hernia. The hernia on the right side of my groin area is extremely small and is hardly noticeable (perhaps the size of a nickel), while the hernia on the left side of my groin area is bigger (larger than an almond but smaller than a walnut). This is the first time that I have ever had a hernia. I have an ultrasound planned for May 20th.

      QUESTIONS: Has anyone else ever experienced any of these symptoms from a hernia? Any idea what may be causing these particular symptoms?

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      A lot of these symptoms actually don’t sound like hernia symptoms. Blood in the stool certainly wouldn’t be one, and the extreme rectal pain. that sounds like something else that needs to be very carefully examined further, either by your regular physician or a GI doc.

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        Mike X

        Thanks for your input & your advice AJM.

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      Dear Mike.
      The hernia is not the source of your troulbe.
      Please see your primary doctor.
      Bill Brown MD

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        Mike X

        Thanks Dr. Brown. I will be seeing my doctor in 3 days and probably a G-I specialist shortly thereafter.

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