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      I am wondering if weight loss of 25+ pounds can have an effect on mesh that was placed during AWR (possible pleating, folding or other)? I feel pulling pain at my umbilicus. I have been walking and doing PT exercises for core strength, even though it causes significant increase in pain level, because I feel like exercise is good for my overall health and mood (before all the hernia problems I played tennis several times a week and participated in cardio tennis workouts). The weight loss can also be attributed to decrease in appetite from feeling sick all the time. I experience frequent nausea, sometimes after I start to eat. I am just searching for reasons for the pain I experience every day, all day. Like I said in my previous posts, I have exhausted conservative treatments and am looking to see if mesh or recurrence is causing the problems. Thanks for your time!!

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      Weight loss and mesh

      In general, weight loss reduces any tension on a hernia repair and any tension on a hernia. Thus, weight loss usually results in less pain related to a hernia or hernia repair.

      Perhaps something else is going on.

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