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      Does anyone have experience with xenmatrix ab biologic mesh? I had a 4″ by 6″ piece overlaid on my rectus abdominis 15 months ago and my abdomin just keeps shrinking. Help. What can I do?

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      Good intentions

      Shrinking, or flattening, is common with all mesh implants. Actually, it’s part of the healing process, scar tissue forms then tightens up. Many people, myself included, have experienced tightening of the area in contact with the mesh. Bard Polypropylene Soft Mesh was used on me.

      I think that it is best to not try too hard to restretch the area. The tissue on the edges of the mesh is not as strong as the mesh-covered area. People sometimes report pain at the edges of their mesh repairs after high exertion.

      Here is a description of the healing of external wounds. The proliferative phase is where shrinking occurs.

      “The proliferative phase of wound healing is when the wound is rebuilt with new tissue made up of collagen and extracellular matrix. In the proliferative phase, the wound contracts as new tissues are built.”


      Here is the material that was used on you. It’s a porcine-based “mesh” material.


      Dr. Towfigh has extensive experience with biologic meshes and might have more specific advice. Good luck.

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      Xenmatrix is yet another biologic absorbable mesh among a cadre of similar mesh products. As far as I am aware, it is more processed than many of its competitors, so it tends to act more like a foreign body and a synthetic than a pure biologic.

      4×6 inches is not a large piece of mesh. I don’t understand what you mean by shrinking.

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      The mesh overlays my rectus abdominis. It completely covers from the pubic bone to about an inch below my bellybutton and it completely covers from an inch across the mid line of my rectus abdominis to the left edge of my rectus abdominis. It was stitched to my rectus abdominis. We were trying to get an atrophied pubic bone muscle to hold.
      The muscle across my abdomen just below the bellybutton has severely shrunk and is wire tight. Also, My stomach is pushed way up and is very tight. At the same time my stomach is strongly pulled down along the ribcage. The rest of my abdomen is also extremely tight. Thank you for your time.

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