News Feed Discussions Could this be a hernia??? Could this be a hernia???

  • pszotek

    May 18, 2016 at 11:48 am

    Could this be a hernia???

    Thanks for replying. Let me try to systematically answer your questions.

    1) I have never heard of endometriosis being visualized on CT or Ultrasound and to my knowledge I would agree w/ Dr. Earle.

    2) A herniated disc could indeed be causing referred pain like this. Another example to think about is left arm pain with a heart attack or right shoulder pain with gallbladder pain. These are all types of referred pain. The nerves are like guitar strings coming out of the spine and wrapping around to the front. A pinch of pressure anywhere along them can be transmitted along their length and cause referred pain. Although this may not be your case it can occur. Do you wear any kind of work belt?

    3) enema – this is a good idea and your pain definitely could be related to diverticula but the duration and description do not seem to fit perfectly. I would have the test to confirm this though.

    4) Gyn: I would see what the results of your tests are and inquire about possible causes as I mentioned earlier.

    5) ultimately I suspect you will end up w/ diagnostic lap/TAPP Inguinal hernia repair like Dr. Earle suggested.

    Hope that helps a bit.
    Dr. Szotek