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That’s wonderful news, and thanks so much for another update. Also great to hear that the scar tissue is holding. Funny you posted this today as I just made a follow-up appt with my removal surgeon (Belyansky) just to have him take a look and see if he thought it was worth doing some imaging for good measure.

I am now one year and four months post removal (Feb. ’21) and generally doing pretty well. I run 5-6 days per week and do lots of heavy yard work etc. I started running again about a month or month and a half after removal, and picked up all my regular activities shortly after removal. No apparent recurrence either as far as I know. Just trying to live life and do more and more.

Unfortunately I do still have some soreness and mild tightness at the removal spot and some other strange sensations that were present before removal along my whole right side. But all of those things are better now than with the mesh and I am hopeful they will continue to improve at a snail’s pace, though at this point I’ve also come to terms with the possibility that progress won’t go any further. Which is fine most of the time, though occasionally it will get me down for brief periods when I wonder what it would be like to be totally back to normal. But your post here and some others I have spoken with suggest that improvement can continue for years. It’s really a very individual thing.

The area of removal on my right is puffier than the left, and I’d swear that it gets even puffier after intense exercise. So I want to make sure there isn’t any sort of encapsulated seroma or anything in that area. I’ve had occasional setbacks where I will feel an intensifying of my symptoms for a week or more at a time but then it always gets better again, and then often I’ll see some additional improvement afterward.

Anyway, glad to hear things are ‘back to normal’. I am hoping one day I can say the same. I assume your improvement was very slow and gradual over this entire time?

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