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Good intentions

I think that I am the only person on the forum who had mesh removal by Dr. Billing. Many surgeons who do mesh removal laparoscopically do not attempt another repair. Most of them opt to wait and see if there is a recurrence. Often, apparently, the remaining tissue is stiff enough that there is no recurrence.

On the other hand, there are surgeons who will remove one piece of mesh and replace it with another, “just in case”. They might also perform neurectomies. There are people, some on this forum, who are stuck in a cycle of surgery after surgery, as one procedure leads to another.

In my case, Dr. Billing did not attempt another repair as he did not see any hernias, and he did not do any neurectomies. And I have been doing very well. But he spent much more time removing the mesh than many surgeons seem to do. Some surgeons are proud of how fast they can get in and get out. I think that that might be a reason for neurectomies. Easier and faster to cut the nerves than tease them off of the mesh.

If you have conversations with a surgeon make sure that you are prepared beforehand. Many of us will expect to remember all of out questions and be able to ask them once we get inside but once we get in to the doctor’s office, the doctor tends to run the conversation. You will leave the meeting with many unanswered questions if you don’t have a list before you start.

Also, many surgeons will get upset if you question what they plan to do. Despite all of the well-publicized problems with hernia repair many of them think that what they are doing is somehow different. Even though they are using the same methods and materials.

Good luck Ronnie. Keep detailed notes as you do your research. It can be very confusing especially when you’re suffering the pain. Don’t let my negativity dissuade you from your efforts. I’m just trying to shine a light on potential pitfalls.

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