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Good intentions

Dr. Belyansky does seem like the best choice for you. You asked in the other thread about my situation. I had bilateral laparoscopic mesh implantation, via the TEP procedure. Two pieces of Bard Soft Mesh. It was never really right and got worse as time went on. I have written several detailed descriptions about the problems in various other posts.

I would guess that Dr. Belyansky might not need any scans. Surgeons that are familiar with mesh problems have seen the same story many times, they recognize that it’s caused by the mesh, although many won’t say it. He might make a guess or two about folding or movement or fixation, but they really can’t tell until they get in there. I went through the full scanning treatment, a full MRI and some ultrasound. Nothing showed up, everything looked fine and correct, until Dr. Billing got in and took a look.

Can you give some details on your mesh implantation? The type of surgery, the material used, the surgery notes, and the type of hernia it was supposed to repair? It’s good to keep building the evidence that these perfect mesh implantations still cause pain.

Good luck. Don’t think about the time lost, think about the time you’ll gain by getting it done.

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