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Good intentions

Congratulations on being able to find enough information to make an informed decision. I’m sorry that your experience was not as smooth as the other patients you encountered. But, on the other hand, you are probably one of the best people to objectively describe the downsides of the Shouldice Hospital experience. From my own experience I suggest that take daily notes, like a diary, over the coming days, if you really want to retain how you felt and what you went through. The brain doesn’t recall stress-filled memories well when the stress is gone.

You said “recently” but can you give a time estimate? Maybe you don’t want to tie yourself to a specific date at the Hospital, which is understandable. But maybe you can fudge it to within a few days.

The comments about the variance from the standard procedure are interesting. Are you saying that individual Shouldice surgeons have leeway to modify the Shouldice procedure within the Shouldice Hospital?

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