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Good intentions

I don’t want to minimize your concerns or the problems you’re having. But from a scientific perspective you are an outlier, and pretty far out, I think. This would be important for the surgeon to consider, before surgery and especially after surgery, if he/she is planning a second operation. Ideally, they would consult with a more experienced surgeon who has seen similar cases. Might be hard to find though.

It’s reasonable to assume that your body had completely adapted to living with the hernia. Growing up from a baby, through puberty, and in to adulthood. It follows, I think, that it will take quite a while to adapt to removal of the hernia. The inguinal canal and the internal ring are in a completely new environment. Tissue that used to be in contact with intestine is now in contact with tissue it’s never seen before. The spermatic cord is especially sensitive, as I understand things. My mesh implant surgeon joked about an “angry spermatic cord” when I presented with problems. It wasn’t funny, of course.

Just offering a more cautious view. The normal decisions for pain after a Shouldice repair might not apply to you. Most surgeons will start from what works for the bulk of Shouldice patients. But your case is unique.

“I had my hernia since birth, and it got worse over the years. The right time to fix it was when I was a baby.”

“Also, my hernia was not run-of-the-mill. It was a large indirect with a scrotal component.”

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