News Feed Discussions Need abdominal progrip mesh removed – experiences? Reply To: Need abdominal progrip mesh removed – experiences?

  • Good intentions

    December 9, 2022 at 11:13 am

    Laparoscopy surgeons can work on the whole of the inside of the abdominal wall. They are very familiar with umbilical and incisional hernias because those are the entry points for their laparoscopy tools.

    I reread your post and it’s not clear that mesh removal is the solution. The explanation that “the diastasis has recurred above the bellybutton and the mesh that was placed was probably too big. Both suggested an abdominoplasty but said that removal of mesh is not an option” doesn’t really make sense. The mesh was too big but you had a recurrence?

    If you’ve had a recurrence that is a big deal. I think that one issue you have is whether the discomfort is from the recurrence or from the mesh. Even though you found top surgeons in Belgium it really seems like you need to just find a better surgeon than those two. Good luck.

    @drtowfigh probably knows somebody who can help.