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      in May 2021 I had a mesh repair (Parietex Progrip 20x12cm) for a rectus diastasis and minur umbellical hernia after having three children.

      Soon after the surgery I noticed that the swelling didn’t go down, and I looked worse than ever. The surgeon who performed the surgery couldn’t explain it. So I sought the advice of two other surgeons who are the top of their field (hernia repairs) where I live (Belgium). Their conclusion was that the diastasis has recurred above the bellybutton and the mesh that was placed was probably too big. Both suggested an abdominoplasty but said that removal of mesh is not an option (too dangerous). Today I saw the plastic surgeon I was referred to for abdominoplasty but she said there is nothing she can do for me: there is no excess fat or skin to remove. The bulging is quite clear coming from the mesh. She also wished me luck finding someone who can help me as she doesn’t know of anyone in Belgium who has experience with mesh removal.

      So here I am. I look 7 months pregnant, I’m uncomfortable, I’m unhappy. I can’t run and play with my kids because I’m so uncomfortable. And I feel like my life is over even though I’m only 36 years old…

      I read about dr. Muschaweck and Dr Simon Bailey. Both are at feasible distance for me.

      Has anyone had abdominal mesh removal by either of them? I would love to hear from you.

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      William Bryant

      Hello Belgian lady, I haven’t had mesh removed but I have seen a good review for Simon Bailey who did someones mesh removal. This complimentary post was on a cycling or weigh lifting forum.

      I’ll see if I can find it

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      William Bryant

      I can’t find the post I saw but here’s another one about Simon Bailey

      “I had the mesh for 3 years. Constant pain just like you. Did all the injections, nerve block, etc. Didn’t do anything of course.

      Had me mesh removed with open surgery. Leaves a decent scar but not too bad. I’m pretty much a normal human being now.

      I was like you scared to have a second surgery to ruin my life more… but I wish I had done it sooner because I missed out on years of my life.

      Good luck and I hope it works out for you. Btw, dr. Bailey is no nonsense doctor that will only operate on you if he thinks he has a chance to make you better. “.

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      Good intentions

      Here is a possibility in The Netherlands. G. D. Slooter. He authored a paper with others about mesh removal, very recently published.

      Slooter, dhr. dr. G.D.

      The other authors would be good possibilities also. They are all at the Maxima Medical Center.

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      Thank you for the information, William. If only I could find another 100 Reviews like that, I would be confident 😉 I admit I am very anxious about needing another operation and feel stupid about not having researched mesh enough before having it placed.

      Good intentions, thank you! I can only find things about inguinal hernia repair, I wonder is abdominal mesh removal is harder/easier/very different from inguinal hernia mesh removal…

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      Good intentions

      Laparoscopy surgeons can work on the whole of the inside of the abdominal wall. They are very familiar with umbilical and incisional hernias because those are the entry points for their laparoscopy tools.

      I reread your post and it’s not clear that mesh removal is the solution. The explanation that “the diastasis has recurred above the bellybutton and the mesh that was placed was probably too big. Both suggested an abdominoplasty but said that removal of mesh is not an option” doesn’t really make sense. The mesh was too big but you had a recurrence?

      If you’ve had a recurrence that is a big deal. I think that one issue you have is whether the discomfort is from the recurrence or from the mesh. Even though you found top surgeons in Belgium it really seems like you need to just find a better surgeon than those two. Good luck.

      probably knows somebody who can help.

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      William Bryant

      Here’s another review for Simon Bailey, Belgian lady… Just 98 more to go!!!

      “Sorry for the late response. I did have mine removed. Are you in the UK? I had the surgery at KIMS hospital in Maidstone. The surgeon was Mr Simon Bailey:

      He’s very open about options and no BS when it comes to most things. He’ll give you an honest assessment and help.

      It was a life changer. It’s been almost a year since the surgery and I’m pretty much a normal person. I need to get back into working out again though. I used to be super fit but after three years of not being able to work out it’s been super hard to get enough energy. I’ll get there though.

      Let me know if you have any questions.”

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      Hi Belgianlady, I’m a Belgianguy.

      Have you been in contact with Prof Miserez from UZLeuven by any chance? Where did your operation take place if I may ask?

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