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Good intentions

I just came across an older article about litigation in General Surgery News. One of the Top 5 articles of 2022.

Dr. Voeller is interviewed and argues both sides of the issue. He points out that the 510(k) process has allowed untested materials in to the market, for transvaginal mesh products. But he seems to forget the fact that the hernia repair products got there the same way. He also implies that the law firms involved were attracted by the potential money involved, like that’s a bad thing. He kind of ties a knot around himself, as he seems to do when he talks about the problems with mesh. He doesn’t seem to understand the purpose of litigation in a free market, especially when regulation enforcement is as lax as it is in the United States. If a corporation injures people with poor products, they have to pay damages. Without litigation in a poorly regulated environment corporations are free to damage as many people as profits will allow.

Worth reading, even if you’ve already read it. Published March 21, 2022.

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