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      Good intentions

      There are plenty of internet sites around that talk about litigation but I found this one, linked below, that seems very straightforward and reasonable in reporting progress.

      One specific thing that is interesting in this latest update is the mention of the Perfix plug. Most of the hernia mesh litigation seeks to find a defect in the actual product itself, Like the use of fish oil on the Atrium mesh, under the assumption that the use of mesh itself is not the source of pain and suffering. But there is a case that mentions just the Bard Perfix plug as the cause.

      IT is a well-written summary of what’s happening overall. The links in the document are interesting also and have updates up to July 1 2022.

      Bard is now owned by Becton Dickinson.

      Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Against C.R. Bard

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      Good intentions

      Here’s an update on the Perfix plug lawsuits. It seems like the one simplest mesh product that the majority of surgeons could agree should be curtailed in its usage. One or two surgeons with the guts to say something bad about a mesh product, beyond a simple tweet. Take some action, actually drive some change.

      Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Against C.R. Bard

      Excerpt –

      “September 9, 2022 Update

      The next bellwether trial case is scheduled for trial on February 21, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. in Courtroom 311 at the federal courthouse in Columbus, Ohio. The case is Stinson v. C.R. Bard et al. We talk about this case in greater detail below. This puts real pressure on the upcoming settlement talks. Bard does not want to take another multi-million dollar verdict like it just did in Trevino.”

      “May 26, 2022 Update
      The big question we are getting from hernia mesh victims is when will the Stinton case, the third bellwether mesh lawsuit, go to trial? The trial date has not been set but our hernia mesh lawyers believe the trial is likely to go in October if a new trial is not granted in Milanesi.

      Stinson, a plaintiffs’ pick for trial, involves the extra-large PerFix Plug device that is used to repair inguinal hernias. Mr. Stinson claims difficulty with urination, weight gain, an impaired sex life, and nerve entrapment.”

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