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  • sensei_305

    January 9, 2023 at 4:21 pm

    Hi brother, to answer your question. I was never able to hear back from Belyanski when I reached out months ago and quite frankly got tired of waiting. Dr.Billings is a great person who really took my situation seriously instead of disregarding me and giving me the run around asking for 10 different tests. The reason why he was not able to remove both meshes on same day is because my mesh on the left side was very complicated. It had migrated and was tangled all over the place. I appreciate that he took his time to make sure one side was good instead of rushing to do both and get me out of the way to be honest. I also read @good-intentions posts regarding his experience about 20 times before making my decision and I do not regret it. When I talked to Dr.Billings via Zoom I knew at the end of the call that he was the guy.

    My mesh removal was done robotically not via open incision or regular Lap.