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Appreciate the replies fellas.

I just want to add the following information as well

I asked Dr. Brown if his procedure would in any way shape or form alter the physical appearance of my abdominals (due to the nature of my work our physiques are important) he said absolutely not. He said the only physical aspect would be the scar which I was okay with.

I asked if anything he’s about to do will cause weakness through the entirety of the abdominals and prevent me from flexing my core/using it/having full strength he said absolutely not. He said absolutely not. He said my left side which had never been operated on would be at 100% and my right side could be between 80-100% because I had already had a previous surgery where just the external oblique aponeurosis was opened and closed not altered.

He told me I would be back to sport in as long as 3 months. 3 years later I have not improved at all it is clear that my obliques are no longer functional which is why my core looks like that now.

This is the result of a surgeon who made up a procedure without any understanding of the human anatomy and how muscles work so he can make a little extra money tapping into the niche that are “sports hernias”. Its really really unfortunate but the damage is done and theres absolutely nothing I can do about it.

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