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  • PeterC

    February 14, 2023 at 5:23 am

    Hey David,

    He did not try to repair a hernia there were no hernias.

    Here’s what he did

    1. He sliced open my external oblique aponeurosis from the external inguinal ring to the level of the internal inguinal ring (complete destruction for absolutely no reason).

    2. He moved the spermatic cord out of the way

    3. He sliced open the inguinal floor from the conjoint tendon all the way to the inferior epigastric artery (again complete destruction when all I had was thinning/small tearing in the floor that could barely be picked up on dynamic ultrasound).

    4. He then sutured the conjoint tendon itself to the shelving portion of the inguinal ligament

    5. Then instead of putting the spermatic cord back and closing the external oblique, he then cut against the fibers of the external oblique aponeurosis superiorly and inferiorly on each side to create “leaves” (flaps really).

    6. He sutured the flap originating from the side of the inguinal ligament to the tranversalis fascia to “completely close the inguinal canal”.

    7. He brought the other leaf over all of this and suture it to the inguinal ligament.

    8. He left the spermatic cord over all of this (not in Canal anymore) directly under the skin and then closed the skin.

    Most surgeons who I showed my operative report to just made the biggest eyes possible and don’t understand how the spermatic cord is just directly under my skin. They don’t understand or can’t explain to me how its anatomically possible.

    Anyways he made sure to do the absolute most destruction/damage so that nobody else can ever revert back the procedure it seems.

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