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  • David

    February 14, 2023 at 10:21 am

    Yeah, Peter, that description of your surgery has so many things that seem odd. The three things that stand out to me are 1)the cutting of the external oblique against the fibers 2) suturing that first flap to the transversalis fascia ( in the video Desarda sutures his version to the muscle) and then 3) closing the other external oblique flap below the cord, leaving the spermatic cord on top.

    In the Desarda video, he only cuts the external oblique in line with the fibers. I assume you believe that by cutting against the fibers,the fibers permanently lose their strength?

    I mean, your situation does seem pretty bizarre to me. Doctors that might wander in here and read this could possibly wonder whether maybe you’ve misinterpreted the report.Would you be willing to post the actual report?