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One part (the one on the side of the inguinal ligament) is sutured down onto the tranversalis

The other half (on the side of the rest of your core) is then pulled across that and sutured to the inguinal ligament – overlapping the first half.

This is why he creates flaps. If he were to just open it along the fibers and do nothing else he cannot overlap anything he would have to close it whole again at the end of the procedure. My assumption is that he creates flaps to overlap them to “strengthen the repair” because in his Western Medicine mind he thinks that thats stronger than having the tissue be whole and functional.

I still don’t understand where the gap is to let the spermatic cord under the skin I’ve looked at endless sketches and images of anatomy online, I don’t understand where the gap even from his operation.

I also would like to add that when consulting, I did not understand this is what he was going to do. His website and himself emphasized that every person is different and that he tailors the procedure to each patient’s needs. I specifically asked “are you going to be modifying my anatomy to a point where muscle groups or structures wont work anymore” and he said “no everything will work as intended and I will close everything properly”.

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