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Because the last 3 steps of the surgery on each side were;

1. The superior leaf of the external oblique was brought over the inferior leaf and sutured to the inguinal ligament

2. The spermatic cord was released back to the subcutaneous tissues (released I’m assuming from the penrose drain that was pulling it to the side while he was doing the “repair”)

3. The skin was closed. Needle count was good. Patient tolerated the procedure well with no complications.

From my understanding the canal on each side is no longer a canal its just a superposition of transversalis fascia – inferior external oblique leaf sutured to it – superior external oblique leaf pulled over that and sutured to the inguinal ligament.

There’s a guy in a city 2 hours from me that had the same repair done by Dr. Brown and last time I spoke to him (well over a year ago) he was on his 7th revision surgery for this. Guy is not even an athlete just a regular guy and he said one of the worst feelings from this surgery was the spermatic cord being under the skin and he tried to get it put back under the external oblique by Dr. Brown himself and he almost lost his testicle because he closed it too tight or something a few weeks out of the surgery his testicle started shrinking and he had to fly back and get emergency surgery to address it.

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