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@PeterC, thank you for your timely reply. I tried to engage with you long ago, as I followed your many postings. It is finally good to be in touch. Your reply unfortunately missed my meaning. First I never said you had a hernia (IH, that is). I have known for long yours is a sports hernia (the term, a misnomer). My previous post merely followed your reply when another member @David M invited you to post your surgery report:

“I [PeterC] don’t have to post my op report. … You can find the steps listed here
The only step he doesn’t specify on the website is how [he treated the ‘leaves’ …].
…In the op report he specifies he cut… to create those leaves/flaps.”

I note that you said you showed your op report to other surgeons for their opinions, so evidently you consider that op report to reflect accurately what Dr. Brown did or his version of sports hernia surgery. Thus the op report is important for understanding your case and situation. Because you didn’t answer my questions about the op report, let me cut to the chase as to what I think happened and possible remedy.

Assuming Dr. Brown is not a quack doctor—for he has helped many members/readers of this website and there appears a lack of abundance of his failures—and the MISSING step he applied to you but absent in his website explanation is an IH procedure, I propose he went on “auto pilot” during surgery, absentmindedly and wrongly applied the MISSING step for the wrong patient, resulting in a botched surgery and great harm to you.

Litigation seems the best avenue, one I believe this surgeon would applaud. However I believe I read a long time ago you did not want to litigate. Your decision seems illogical. It would likely reward you with sufficient funds needed to cover your medical expenses past and present. Your decision so seemingly misguided makes me think you already sought legal redress but could not find any firms to take up your case. If so, it may be because your case was not strong enough to do so. Could it be that they saw little evidence of medical malpractice? If so, then wouldn’t your descriptions of Dr. Brown be rather biased?

I am sorry, really am, that you have been so terribly harmed physically and spiritually as well. You were crushed, really crushed. Here we try to understand why it happened–for isn’t that your purpose? But it doesn’t make sense because Dr. Brown aided IH so much in the past. It’s a disconnect. So why shouldn’t we be surprised and want to know more about it? Given your many dispersions against him, it is reasonable for me to ask for clarity. You though seem to have avoided clarifying your op report, a document you yourself consider central to your situation. Your previous reply (“a wall of text,” your own words) seems a cloud cover. Can you come clean?

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