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Good intentions

A recent example of the power of the lawsuit. Johnson & Johnson, owners of Ethicon, have stopped selling a product that was making them money because the lawsuits were so strong that it would be too expensive to keep the product. The story of asbestos in talc is long and complex, but it has been in the news for decades.

They’ve stopped selling the product and they’re trying to minimize their losses with a settlement agreement.

“The lawsuits filed against J&J had alleged its talcum powder caused users to develop ovarian cancer, through use for feminine hygiene, or mesothelioma, a cancer that strikes the lungs and other organs.

The claims contributed to drop in J&J’s sales of baby powder, prompting the company to stop selling its talc-based products in 2020. Last year, J&J announced plans to cease sales of the product worldwide.”

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