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  • Good intentions

    May 7, 2023 at 11:57 am

    I got back on to Dr. Wiese’s practice web page to see what types of procedures he performs. It looks like he has the ability to do several and chooses the one that he feels will give the best results. In another current thread there is much discussion about how surgeons tend to be “one-trick ponies”, only performing a single type of hernia repair. This is the training that today’s surgeons get, to use only mesh for hernia repair, codified by the suspect Guidelines that the EHS promotes. Very interesting that Dr. Wiese is there in Europe but chooses his own path.

    Here is the text from the web site, to add to Freeman’s report of receiving a Shouldice type repair.

    “Hernia Surgery
    Individual concepts for the treatment of inguinal, navel and abdominal wall hernias, including incisional hernias
    Training center for years and now international internship center and Milos training center
    Conference President of the German Hernia Society 2022 together with PD. dr medical Guido Woeste
    Member of the extended board of the German Hernia Society
    Inguinal hernia operations with and without synthetic mesh
    Abdominal wall hernias with diastasis recti using the MILOS technique
    Second opinions and advice for athletes”