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Good intentions
quote Mesh:

First, I am sharing my opinion and personal experience, I am obviously not a doctor but a mesh removal and triple neurectomy patient.

Dr Wright an appropriate name because he is right. An amazing and straight forward diagnosis with the utmost time and professionalism I have ever witnessed. Truly a great man thank you Dr. Towfigh for the recommendation.

Dr. Wright is the third doctor not including a neurologist to recognize the importance of nerve preservation and to validate the motor function of the ilioinguinal, iliohypoghastric and genitofemerol nerves (spelling) and that they will never grow back. .

Hello Mesh. Thank you for sharing so that the rest of us can be better off. You have K. Petersen in the title of your thread but don’t mention him directly in the post. Is he the one that performed the triple neurectomy? And what did Dr. Wright do?

Sorry, it’s just not clear. Thanks again.

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