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Good intentions

I ended up with full coverage of both sides using Bard Soft mesh. Pubic bone to pubic bone and down to the bladder. The “cover all of the possible future hernia sites” approach. In hind sight, more focus on future recurrence than quality of life of the patient. Very conservative approach, professionally.

Don’t overlook your own physical characteristics. Even Dr. Towfigh has repeated the somewhat anecdotal view, as my surgeon has also, that low body fat people tend to have more problems with mesh, and that there is a view out there that lightweight mesh is best for them. Anybody, please correct me if I’m wrong or have misquoted. There are different 3D devices, some light weight. I mentioned early on that my surgeon had planned to use a light weight mesh but had decided on Bard Soft Mesh after seeing the defect. Maybe he had planned to use the light weight 3D device on me, but switched.

That link I provided was really meant, even by the authors, to show the improvement of survey techniques. It’s only 136 samples, from 9 years ago. I would not put much weight on to the data provided at all. It shows though, that there’s a weakness in the feedback cycle to the surgeons and the industry.

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