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Good intentions

The lack of instruction after surgery is pretty amazing. Don’t lift more than 10 lbs is the common single instruction. Typically, that’s it.

After bilateral laparoscopic mesh implantation via TEP surgery, I was “released” after 3 weeks, to do whatever I felt like doing, but with instructions to “listen to my body”. That’s the other instruction people get. Sometimes the doctor will scribble something on the papers you get before you leave surgery. Have you checked yours closely?

You didn’t say what type of surgery you had, open or laparoscopic. Or how much mesh was implanted. There is a trend to add lots of extra mesh, just in case there are other weak spots. Do you have any more details you can add about your procedure?

I’m a man so my situation is different, of course. But the details might allow better advice. Good luck.

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