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Dr. Sean Orenstein is one of the site’s surgeons, although I’ve never seen a post from him (I don’t know his screen name though), and is at OHSU. I assume that you’re in the Portland/Vancouver area. The wait time for an appointment with him can be very long. Dr. Martindale is at OHSU also. OHSU is a teaching hospital so a visit might also involve a group of students. Dr. Peter Billing is in Shoreline, just north of Seattle. Dr. Earle just posted a list of surgeons in a recent post, one was at the University of Washington.…emoval-surgeon

I’m not an expert but your level of activity before the “hernia” seems extreme. Seems like a “sports hernia”, athletic pubalgia, or something similar, due to overuse would be more likely. Maybe that was the true cause of your pain and it never got addressed.

I mentioned in a different thread the value of writing a letter. With a letter, the doctor can decide whether or not they have the knowledge and skill to help you, unofficially. “Off the books”, so it won’t count as a switch until you, and they, know they can help. I’ve had two positive responses using that method without scheduling a visit and a copay an all of the other insurance system requirements. You can send copies of your medical records also to get them there quickly. Put your phone number and/or email in the letter so that somebody can contact you quickly.

Good luck. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with posting the name of the doctor your friend suggested, since he had good results. Might get you more feedback on suitability for your problem.

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