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      Good intentions

      Here is a new attempt to understand the mesh-induced chronic pain problem which ends with a similar conclusion to most other studies. “The problem is real, nobody knows what to do about it”. Like many current studies this one says very little about pure tissue repairs, only to mention it as an introduction to the Lichtenstein method, and to say that the supposedly lower recurrence rate is the primary reason for using mesh. “Tension-free”.

      The hernia repair field is still essentially completely captured by the mesh mythology. Pretty amazing from a societal and psychological perspective. The efforts to “make it work” so that they can keep doing what they do. Just keep sacrificing patients.


      Some excerpts –

      From the Abstract:

      “Inguinodynia (chronic inguinal pain) is one of the most feared complications for surgeons after inguinal hernia repair with prosthetic mesh placement. The biopsychosocial impact of this complication can lead to a considerable decrease in patients quality of life. Chronic inguinal pain can appear at varying periods after surgery, for weeks to years after the surgical procedure. ”

      From the Conclusion –

      “….The present review showed that there are still no well-established guidelines for the prevention and management of inguinodynia, since its etiology may be multifactorial, requiring an individualized approach for each case. …”

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