After mesh removal/going through hernia repair and having problems it’s good to

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      Going through hernia repair with mesh, without mesh, with tacks etc. I had Bilateral Hernia repair with 3dmax mesh with 2 huge tacks. Hernias never needed repair I could’ve waited and most likely never had them repaired ever! Their are some good honest surgeons and some that are just horrible humans out for a buck, the more surgery they do the more cash they get and some have that mindset which is sad. I was 25 had bilateral 3dmax on both sides with tacks in my pubic bone. Tacks are never to be used I was told by my removal surgeons except ones that dissolve. Hernia surgery is the most done surgery in the US and mesh is used in 9 out of 10 which never went through any tests, it truly makes no since from. Some loophole in 1974 but most is made from polypropylene which is stated to never ever to placed in the human body, EVER! A surgeon told me the most cash grab surgeries are Hernia and Gallbladder. I had nerve damage of the bat and pain I never had ever before and just had a problem with my quadras lamburum which is like a deep muscle ache. Dealt with the pain for a year, was told to wait 3 months, 6 months, then I told myself a year then I knew it was the mesh and had to figure how to deal with the problem and get it out while docs thinking UTI, Prostatitis etc, no it was the mesh. Got it robotically bilaterally renoved and the tacks that were eroding into my pubic bone and a nerve cut on both sides. Disguraging the first few months but felt the sick feelings, UTI, and Prostatitis feeling went right away the first week and sex etc felt right again. Point being watch and wait cause the groin is the most complex part of the human body! Once its removed it takes time 6 months, a year etc the longer your out the better you’ll get but it’s good to stay off herniatalk and Facebook forums etc, our minds need to heal just as much as our body’s. This that on here kang did 20,000 surgeries is impossible and his technique he’s done 5 years and was willing to do bilateral mesh removal that was placed lap but was going to do it open which is the biggest nono, mesh is always supposed to come out the way it was put in but Kang only knows open so they sell us what they know. Point being you get your mesh out keep off the forums and try your best to cause it brings like PTSD etc. Mesh removal takes time but you do get better! Much love to all the OGS ON HERE!

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      Hey man, I feel what you are going through. Hopefully you are pain free now. I too had bilateral mesh removed Robotically. I was told by different surgeons the same thing you said. It has to come out the same way it was put in. If mesh is under the muscle, I don’t see how they can take it out via open incision but what do I know.. the biggest regret I do have just like you was getting the 1st surgery in the 1st place. I had small fat containing hernias which were not visible. I was dealing with testicle pain which is the one thing that pushed me into getting surgery over with to be honest. 2nd regret was not getting the repair done via open surgery from day 1. I think Laparoscopic was a mistake.

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      Any idea how a small invisible inguinal hernia can cause testicular pain? Pressure on the genital nerve branch? Has anyone ever explained that? I had a very large indirect hernia, and didn’t have testicular pain, so I’m wondering how all that works.

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      NFG12 and sensei, I’m sorry you two had to go through what you went through. May the knowledge and wisdom you’ve acquired from your ordeals serve you well. We learn from a variety of things, making an occasional wrong choice unfortunately is one of them. All the best to you both as you recover going forward.

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