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    Posted by Good intentions on May 7, 2023 at 2:40 pm

    I just came across the AHS Mesh Advisory Statement. Pretty fascinating that they felt the need to create a statement, and also fascinating how worthless it is in providing any useful information to the patient. A carefully crafted statement with no value except to show that the AHS is aware that there are problems.

    Odd that I haven’t seen it before even though it was approved October 21, 2018.

    Here is a sample. Why can’t somebody just create an honest statement instead of these attempts to persuade patients to get the surgery? Just tell the truth.

    “The vast majority of patients who undergo hernia repair with mesh heal well without complications and are able to resume activities without new limitations. However, there are potential issues with mesh placement, like any other implantable device (e.g. joint or heart valve replacement, vascular graft, etc). Potential risks of hernia repairs with mesh may include infections, excessive scar tissue, erosion into other organs, chronic pain and other complications. These complications may be due to surgical technique, the mesh material used, anatomy, inflammation, presence of infection and other body reactions, or a combination of factors. It is important to recognize that some of these complications are also seen in surgeries that do not utilize mesh. In addition, mesh is also used in non-hernia operations, such as pelvic surgery, and complications seen in those procedures do not necessarily apply to hernia surgery.”

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