best method for curing bilateral hernias and is nausea a hernia symptom?

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      I developed a left indirect hernia recently and it is rather both painful and nauseating from the slightest touch or movement. the nausea being the more troubling. is this some sort of trapping in the canal on and off because my right direct hernia never ever had nausea.

      to get it repaired what is the best for bilateral that will be least painful and safe, not too unsightly? can robotic be outside the abdomen for inguinal hernia ?

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      If you get a laparoscopic mesh repair, they can do both simultaneously (as they did w/ me). But, if you want to avoid mesh, then you are looking at a pure tissue repair (i.e, Shouldice or some other technique) which is an open surgery. I am not sure if they can treat both at the same time w/ open – they may stage it so that you have two operations spaced out by a few weeks. But not 100% so someone else will need to speak to that. I would imagine that the Shouldice clinic in Canada does both at the same time, since so many of their patients have traveled there, but not 100% sure about that.

      Any concerns about unsightly scarring should not even factor into your decision making criteria, in my opinion. The scar would be located in your lower abs/groin area and would not be visible to most folks.

      Best of luck, newage. Give it some thought. Consider your lifestyle, etc. People on this forum will be eager to help. Hoping you find relief, and best of luck.

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      Good intentions

      You should just read through the posts on the forum. There is nothing new today that wasn’t the same ten years ago. Your odds of having problems are the same. It will be tempting to think that the stories from many years ago are the past, and that “there’s no way they would not have solved these problems by now”. But that is not the case. Everything is the same, actually getting worse, as they increase the area of dissection and the size of the implant.

      Be very careful. Do as much reading as you can. Remember that the various clinics and hospitals need customers to survive. Business.

      There is nothing special about robotic as far as the final result for the patient. It is a different form of laparoscopy. The same meshes are used and they are placed in the same areas.

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      good intentions. are you in the camp of natural or synthetic meshes?

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      Good intentions

      I think that mesh is over-used. I think that for the common inguinal hernia a pure tissue repair should be used first. There is no way to undo the results of a mesh implantation, and problems with mesh are not uncommon.

      The selling points used today by the surgeons that use mesh are that the results are “about” the same for mesh and pure tissue repairs. But when there are problems with mesh it’s usually a disaster for the patient. Lives ruined.

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      I agree that mesh is overused but it’s not the only possible cause of irreversible damage.

      You should make sure your surgeon is a master of his chosen technique and especially that he handles nerves carefully!
      Nerve damage leads to severe pain that is very hard to treat.

      That’s the situation I’m in now even though my mesh has been removed and for a year everything was fine.

      I’m not a specialist but from what I can tell, there is no clear evidence that prophylactic neurectomies reduce the risk of chronic pain.
      On the other hand, it’s undeniable that all neurectomies can lead to painful neuromas.

      Make sure your surgeon avoids neurectomies as much as possible.
      And that he handles nerves carefully.

      Mesh placed openly inherently has the risk of eroding into nerves.

      The laparoscopic approach avoids this risk.
      But it necessarily involves mesh.

      If you want to hear my recommendation after two hernia surgeries, find someone who specializes in Shouldice or Desarda repair and pays the necessary attention to nerves.

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