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    Not all doctors and surgeons say that. It’s incumbent on patients to find doctors and surgeons who can help us. Meanwhile, we surgeons are educating more and more surgeons about meshomas, etc.

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    William Bryant

    Brilliant Dr. Towfigh, thankfully there does seem to be a few who are aware of problems with mesh. In fact I think some of the tissue repair surgeons decided on that route after seeing the bad effects mesh can have. So yes definitely not all doctors and surgeons and you are right to correct me there!

    I’d still like to know however why in the UK when the royal college of surgeons and the British Hernia Society have suggested a mesh monitor of the different types used to establish the more and least problematical, it still hasn’t been acted on as fast as I can tell.

    The UK does also seem to be lagging behind in this going on how few non mesh surgeons there are.

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    Good intentions

    Search the word “registry” on the forum and you will find quite a bit about supposed and real efforts to track the performance of mesh medical devices. Probably one of the worst fears of the mesh makers is a collection of data showing the true results of mesh implantations. When you are trying to understand what is going on just think of hernia repair as business, not medicine, run by corporations who are most concerned with revenue stream. The field is controlled by companies that make material goods. Scalpels, needles, and suture material generate far less revenue than mesh and laparoscopic equipment. Look at the companies sponsoring the meetings that surgeons attend to learn the “standard of care”. Mesh makers, robotic equipment makers, etc.

    Mesh is a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Pure tissue repair destroys that revenue stream, and all of the jobs and bonuses that result from the business. Very similar to logging and oil production and tobacco production. It’s just another big business and the people involved in making it happen have little to no control. But they need their jobs so it continues.

    I found this market report that even shows a connection between smoking and hernias. A win-win for the corporations.

    Excerpt –

    “Report Overview
    The global hernia mesh devices market size was valued at USD 4.04 billion in 2017 and is projected to grow with a CAGR of 2.8% over the forecast period. Hernia is a condition in which the lining of the abdomen bulges out into a small sac due to weakened abdominal muscles. Smoking, poor nutrition, genetic factors, and changes in lifestyle are some of the factors contributing to the elevated incidence of hernias. Persistent coughing due to smoking is one of the key causes of this condition, thus smokers are 4 times more susceptible to this disease. “

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    I look at this as the triad of hell! You have the area (e.g. the groin) that is tricky from the anatomy and functionality point of view (it is a very key area if you are an athlete), you have the huge numbers of patients (huge volume) , and you have the business and involvement of big corporations!

    Remove any of these three components, and I would think the problem would somehow get resolved….

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