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  • Bulge still present when breathing out all these years later

    Posted by ajm222 on October 15, 2021 at 1:45 pm

    Not a hernia-type bulge that’s clearly some organ or fat protruding in a specific spot dramatically with certain activities, but like adhesions or scar tissue or something has changed the position of things a bit inside, and one side of my abdomen is uneven compared to the other and a large area kind of swells a bit more on one side, like there are more organs on that side or something or my intestines are being pushed out more on that side. It’s not a huge difference, and I would chalk it up to the fact that we’re all uneven a bit, but it’s the fact that I also have a bit of tugging and pulling on my right side internally as well. It’s also around the site of the trocar incision, above and below. So something on that side occurred. I just don’t know what. I had inguinal hernia surgery on that side in 2018 with a mesh implant. Then I had the implant removed in Feb of this year. The bulging was present before removal. I’ve always wondered if something was done during the first surgery that could have caused this and if it will ever go away. I’ve just assumed my right side is now messed up permanently because of two robotic surgeries and that I’ll just have to deal with it. Not painful really. Just uncomfortable. Just looking for ideas and if it’s anything that can be remedied. If it’s scar tissue or adhesions, clearly no one will likely be able to do anything about that. Expert removal surgeon didn’t apparently notice anything when he did his surgery. So strange.

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