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      Good intentions

      I was searching for an article I remembered from the past and realized that there is quite a trail of articles about mesh and hernia surgery in General Surgery News. Some of them are open-access and some of them require an account to read. Opening an account only requires an email address, no personal information.

      GSN is what a typical hernia repair surgeon might read to keep up with hot topics in the field. You can find the typical big names in the field expressing their opinions, to be frank most of the articles are opinion pieces with little supporting data, which a common surgeon might then use for decision-making. Today’s term would be “thought leader” or “influencer”.

      Anyway, it’s a good way to get a look at how the mainstream hernia repair surgeons get their information.

      It’s just a Google search of hernia mesh

      Here’s a good one, Dr. Towfigh is featured –

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