Constant irritation and pain ever since mesh removal. Need advice.

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      Two all,

      It’s been a while since I posted here since I don’t think there was really any answers for me at that time nor there may never be. I will not bother going into my horrific history detail of my journey last two years Which has been a continuous hell are being pushed from doctor to doctor, test to test with further and lingering pain as I go along. What you need to know is that back in August of 2020 I had a mesh removal from a composite mesh implant for my left lingual hernia at a Kaiser facility in Richmond CA by a doctor who studied under the total image of doctor Chen in Los Angeles . A shouldice repair was done. the pain I had with the mesh implanted was nothing compared to what I feel with daily now that it has been removed. It’s so severe that I would have rather have lived with the implanted mesh compared to what I’m going through right now. Daily I live with heighten stiffening and radiating dulling pain throughout my groin. I have constant pain that pushes on my nerves which radiates through my left testicle and when I walk it does sort of pop and click . My doctor has sent me to several therapy sessions with a pelvic floor rehab specialist and several sessions with a pain management specialist. The pelvic floor rehab center here in my town of San Francisco helped out a little bit and was able to get me to somewhat a pain relief maybe 10 to 15%. But what lingers is a lot of stiffening which no matter how much stretching and manual therapy I do cannot get rid of it. The pain could come ago but it does linger. I cannot walk without pulling and dulling pain consistently which was greater than when I had the mesh in. The worst part about it is that I cannot sit down at any chair bench or stool without it pressing up against my groin which radiates dulling and consistently sharp nerve pain throughout my groin. Daily I feel like my life is ruined and it has been.

      so this is going on for a year and it just seems to be getting worse and some days it does feel better but it never seems to be consistent. It is worth noting that the times where I feel the best are either early in the morning when my body is warmed up, after I have been at the gym and ran for a few miles and I’m loosened up. This may lead me to believe that it’s either a built up mass of scar tissue or my groin is too tight. Is it possible for the skin to never be pliable and it constantly be stretched out and causing this kind of strain? Very recently I was denied outside help to go to a dry needling specialist in Berkeley, my health care provider denied this even though there was a lot of scar tissue that was felt through this specialist. She had had much luck with this other patients but I need to go see her 8 to 10 times back to back on weekends and it is very costly at $250 per session. Needless to say Kaiser denied this expenditure. Kaiser advised me to move forward with in-house mitigation efforts, so I had hydrodissection done with my pain modality specialist with some degree of relief of up to 15 to 20% . this lasted about two to three days where I felt great and nothing was bothering me and then my groin went back to being stiff again. Some areas of my groin were left pain free but I still believe there is much work to be done. Additionally I’m trying to work with my provider so that I can travel to Beverly Hills to see doctor Towfigh but have yet to hear back.

      I know there are a lot of horror stories on here and I’m living it right now. Has anybody gone through what I’m going through and what was the solution to the issue? migraine is very stiff and feels very loose and areas to where I’ll breathe in and feel pulling at my nerves which leads me to believe and feel that I am not so secure. Is there any hope? Has anybody gone through this and eventually it worked itself out or what other measures were taken to get to a point that it was stable? Or do I have to have a third surgery and have the Shouldice repair undone.

      Please help . I feel like my life is ruined.

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      Good intentions

      Have you tried to consult with Dr. Chen? I don’t know what “total image of Dr. Chen” means.

      Dr. Meyers of the Vincera Institute will look at your files and give a brief opinion of whether he thinks he can help or not. I think that I might have suggested him earlier when you described the popping and clicking. I would get all of my records together and see if Dr. Chen or Dr. Meyers has ideas. I don’t know much but it seems to me that the doctor who did the “Shouldice” repair did not do it correctly.

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      I had meant he studied under dr Chen. Honestly my doctor says he never has patient like me and doesn’t know how to help. I’m scared.

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