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      Ian J

      Can anyone provide any idea of cost for the removal of inguinal mesh? I know it’s how long is a piece of string but so far I can’t seem to get any indication of what I would be looking at. Even ball park would help.


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      I don’t have the exact numbers billed to insurance for mine. But I can tell you I paid about the same for removal as I did my original surgery. So many variables, and gets complicated when insurance is involved. So something like 4K give or take a K. But I think I’ve also seen private quotes between 10K and 20K.

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      Good intentions

      A lot depends on which doctor you choose and what method they use. You can get a quote, I think, from Dr. Petersen at his NoInsurance practice, but he performs open mesh removal. If you choose a surgeon who uses the latest robotic machines they will have to charge accordingly to pay for the equipment. Robotic surgery is more expensive than laparoscopic.

      I would assume at least $10,000 if you will be paying out of your own pocket, with no insurance help. It could be much higher though.

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      Charges are highly variable and I agree with the ranges provided.

      Just fyi: although it is more costly to the hospital to do operations robotically or laparoscopically, billing is based on codes. The codes are similar depending on the approach, so insurance reimbursement should be similar regardless of the approach.

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