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      Good intentions

      I mentioned this in another Topic and thought it might be good to expand on the concept. Because there are so many types of hernia and so many different materials and methods for repair, the process of deciding is very difficult. A person could see five different well-established experts in hernia repair and get five very different recommendations, and it’s possible that none of them would be certain of the results.

      I found a graphic design web site that demonstrates the process of building one, with examples. It has some simple philosophy in it also.

      What is a Decision Tree and How to Make One [Templates + Examples]

      Although you can certainly make a case for Grandmother Willow’s age-old advice to “let your spirits guide you”, sometimes a more formalized and calculated approach is necessary. This is why decision trees are so effective.

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      Good intentions

      Two fairly young men (in their 30’s) just posted on the forum looking for advice on hernia repair. They both sound like active people, one mentioned deadlifts, a weightlifting term. So, a node on their decision tree might be “will I be able to exercise like I used to?”. That might then lead to defining the degree of exercise. High intensity track work versus weightlifting only, for example. If it’s high intensity track work or running, they might look to Muschaweck’s work on soccer players or Dai Greene’s story to help decide on a method or a surgeon.

      Of course, the stories linked below are stories of problems. I created a Topic quite a while ago looking for good mesh stories. If somebody has found a story of a professional athlete who got a mesh repair, or any repair for an inguinal hernia and regained their health and abilities, please post it. There might be materials and methods that actually work. In an ideal world, the good would rise up and the bad would be allowed to fade away.

      Pro soccer player ruined by hernia mesh

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      David M

      I think this is a great idea and started to suggest the same a couple of days ago. It’s what every new person wants when they first get here, to have some sort of view of what to focus on given their particular case.

      Since most hernias are inguinal, maybe just start with a decision tree for that.

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