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      Desarda repair looks good for inguinal hernia. I just wanted to know complications associated with this type of repair or other complications when used external oblique aponeurosis etc.

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      William Bryant

      I’ve googled it and chronic pain and foreign body sensation are unlikely.

      Problems can be
      Cord oedema
      Surgical site infection

      No idea what some of those are I expect the clever posters will be able to explain but at least it’s something to go on in meantime

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      Good intentions

      The Search function on the site works now, it has not for a couple of weeks. It is in the upper left corner of the home page. Put Desarda in the search box and many results will come up. This forum does not have many members that participate on a regular basis but there are years worth of past posts that are still relevant. Don’t mingle short-term pain with long-term pain in your thought process. Better to suffer short-term pain and very little long-term pain than vice-versa. Good luck.

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