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      Desarda repair looks good for inguinal hernia. I just wanted to know complications associated with this type of repair or other complications when used external oblique aponeurosis etc.

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      William Bryant

      I’ve googled it and chronic pain and foreign body sensation are unlikely.

      Problems can be
      Cord oedema
      Surgical site infection

      No idea what some of those are I expect the clever posters will be able to explain but at least it’s something to go on in meantime

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      Good intentions

      The Search function on the site works now, it has not for a couple of weeks. It is in the upper left corner of the home page. Put Desarda in the search box and many results will come up. This forum does not have many members that participate on a regular basis but there are years worth of past posts that are still relevant. Don’t mingle short-term pain with long-term pain in your thought process. Better to suffer short-term pain and very little long-term pain than vice-versa. Good luck.

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      I’m 4 years out from a Desarda repair for an inguinal hernia. It took a solid 6 months to get back to my normal activities. For at least a year, I could definitely tell where the repair was made. There was a visible ridge and some tightness – but not pain. Now I feel absolutely nothing in the repaired area. No tightness, no ridge, no weird pains, etc… It took a while to get here, but I am very happy with the result.

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      Hi Ezzy,

      Thanks for sharing and great to hear you’ve had a positive outcome.

      Would you be happy to share:
      – Where you had your surgery, who the surgeon was and what the costs were?

      – Did you have surgery under general or local anaesthetic and if local, were you awake or heavily sedated?

      – Were the sutures used for your repair absorbable or permanent non-absorbable?

      – Was it a large hernia?

      – You mention it took 6 months to get back to normal activities, so how soon after surgery were you mobile and able to walk around?

      – Regarding the 6 months it took for you to get back to normal activities, so other forum members might measure against their own usual activities, what do you class as normal activities?

      Many thanks,


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      Sure Jack.

      Dr. Robert Tomas in Ft. Myers performed the surgery. The cost was around $3700. There were no hidden fees, the price on the web-site covered everything (except travel). The surgery was technically not under general, but I remember nothing. No discomfort during the procedure. It hurt like hell to do anything the first 2-3 days afterward, but I could lie down and sleep comfortably. I was able to walk and drive comfortably after about 10 days. The sutures were absorbable, so nothing left behind.

      I was probably a text-book candidate for the Desarda procedure – standard inguinal hernia. I was in relatively good shape, not overweight.

      As for my ‘normal’ activity level, I would consider it pretty high. I lift weights, ride bikes, surfing, paddle-boarding, etc… After 6 months I was able to return to all those activities in some fashion or other, but it took a full year before I felt 100% comfortable.

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      William Bryant

      Do you know if the hernia was direct or indirect, Ezzy?


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      Pretty sure it was indirect.

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      Many thanks for your reply to my questions Ezzy, much appreciated!

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