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      Good intentions

      Interesting interview with Dr. Brian Jacob about chronic pain. He seems very aware of all of the issues in the area, including even “gaslighting”, but I still get the impression of someone trying to keep doing what they’re doing, instead of considering that what they’re doing just won’t work the way that they want it to.

      Trying to keep the mesh implantation and robotic surgery practices going, “solving” the pain problems after the fact. Instead of preventing them in the first place.

      That is just my impression. Why isn’t using less mesh overall considered as a way to reduce the chronic pain rate? It seems so obvious. More pure tissue repairs means less mesh removal and, probably, less chronic pain.

      Worth reading. Some very interesting stuff in it. At least he is pointed the right way. I hope that he continues to make progress.


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      William Bryant

      Thanks Good Intentions, good read and I even understood it.

      There was someone on here who had pain after removal and who may benefit from trying some of the less traditional relief methods.

      Can’t remember posters name, sadly.

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