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      Good intentions

      Dr. Pawlak appeared on the HerniaTalk forum scene a few years ago. He showed some promise as he seemed to be open-minded about chronic pain. There are posts about him on the forum. Since then he has appeared as part of the “Hernia Surge Collaboration” the latest iteration, of several, of the original HerniaSurge group that created the “International Guidelines” for hernia repair, which recommend mesh repairs first and foremost for all hernias.

      I have not watched the video so can’t speak to what was discussed.

      19 views Jul 3, 2023
      Welcome to HerniaTalk LIVE, a Q&A hosted by Dr. Shirin Towfigh, hernia and laparoscopic surgery specialist who practices at the Beverly Hills Hernia Center. This is the only Q&A of its kind, aimed at educating and empowering patients about all things related to hernias and hernia-related complications. For a personal consultation with Dr. Towfigh, call +1-310-358-5020 or email [email protected].

      This week, the topic of discussion was:
      – Inguinal Hernia
      – Mesh
      – Postoperative Pain
      – Chronic Pain
      – Neuropathic Pain
      – Nociceptive Pain
      – Meshoma
      – Mesh Removal
      – Physical Therapy
      – Pain Management
      – Multidisciplinary Team
      – Massage
      – Spinal Stimulator

      Topic: Multidisciplinary Treatment of Postoperative Groin Pain

      Guest Panelist: Dr Maciej Pawlak, hernia surgeon in the UK

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