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    Posted by Good intentions on September 9, 2022 at 11:18 am

    Here is the program for the EHS’s upcoming meeting. Some parallels to the AHS meeting, similar names, similar topics.

    Overall I get the impression of professionals milling about talking about concerns then working to find ways to keep doing what they do. The EHS web site is plastered with mesh producer logos. The program is filled with mesh producer names. It’s very hard to imagine anyone stepping up and even asking if they are using too much mesh.

    But reality still seems to be impinging. there is a topic about introducing a “hernia registry”. And talks about legal issues. And talks about why mesh is a public concern. “Why is mesh on TV?” is a topic.

    Chronic pain is a topic but I did not see anything at all about pure tissue repair. I might have missed it.

    Samples –

    KEYNOTE 4 Charter 1
    Moderator: Frederik Helgstrand, Denmark; Henry Hoffmann, Switzerland
    The launch of the UK hernia registry
    Liam Horgan, UK

    Moderator: Liam Horgan, UK; Erwin Van Geffen, Netherlands; Dominic Slade, UK
    Panel Frederik Helgstrand, Denmark
    Bernd Stechemesser, Germany
    Marc Miserez, Belgium
    Peter Rogmark, Sweden
    Hakan Kulacoglu, Turkey
    Heather Bougard, Republic of South Africa
    Grigoris Chatzimavroudis, Greece

    MEDICOLEGAL DEBATE Main Auditorium
    Moderator: Filip Muysoms, Belgium; Archana Ramaswamy, USA
    Experts and Co-Chair: Andrew de Beaux, UK; David Chen, USA.
    Counsel — Matthew Snarr, UK
    Counsel — Julie Anne Luck, UK
    Judge – Chris Kennedy, UK

    KEYNOTE 11 Main Auditorium
    Moderator: Andrew de Beaux, UK; Jose A. Pereira, Spain
    Why is mesh coverage on the television?
    Shirin Towfigh, USA

    Moderator: Maciej Pawlak, UK, Diego Cuccurollo, Italy
    MDT approach to diagnosing and treatment CPIP
    Maciej Pawlak, UK
    MDT treatment of CPIP in the US
    David Chen, USA
    Persistent Pain cycle; why we need to focus on patient’s ideas and concerns
    Matthew Lund, UK
    Non-surgical treatment of CPIP
    Eske Kvanner Aasvang, Denmark
    Recommendations of hernia surge update on CPIP
    Nadine Van Veenendaal, Netherlands
    When all else fails is it ACNES?
    Rudi Roumen, Netherlands

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