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      Last year I was diagnosed with a small inguinal hernia on my right side. Recently I’ve started feeling an ache on my left side. I’m also wondering if I have a hiatus hernia as well, because of some gastrointestinal issues I’ve been having. Has anyone else experienced an inguinal and hiatus hernia at the same time? Any advice?

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      William Bryant

      Hello Linz, what stomach/intestine issues do you have?

      I ask as I have inguinal hernia and my tummy gurgles a lot, I have a lot of flatulence and gas.

      Afaik, I dont have hiatal hernia.

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      My hernia gurgled when I first got it, but I don’t notice it as much now. I’ve had it for a year now.If I eat foods high in fat or chocolate I get irritation in my throat, sore throat,belching, pain below my sternum, and occasionally difficulty swallowing. That is what I mean by gastrointestinal issues.

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      Mike M


      It is estimated up to 60% of adults 60 and over will develop some form of Hiatal Hernia. Larger hernias may require surgery, but typical hiatal hernias can heal with exercises and stretches that can strengthen the diaphragm. These exercises can reduce the risk and may even relieve some symptoms.

      Yoga is a big one I found through research that can help. Just be careful as some poses are not productive and can possibly increase symptoms.

      Also exercise and losing weight can help a lot if you are outside of your normal BMI.

      Here is positive research regarding all of the above –


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      Mike M

      Also just want to add you want to be very careful and check with your doctor before doing any type of exercise that could potentially put additional pressure on your abdomen making it worse.

      If you have inguinal hernias too you might not be able to perform some of the exercises that could reduce the symptoms of your hiatal hernia as stated in the linked research example.

      Here is some good information regarding Yoga and Hiatal Hernia once you get your inguinal hernias resolved.


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      I’ll look into it, thanks for responding Mike!

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