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      I recently had an inguinal hernia repair done. I had a pinching / wriggling / burning sensation periodically in my perineal floor / groin region. This uncomfortable sensation was occurring before & after the surgery. I don’t have a clue what’s causing it. It feels like something is either trapped in my groin, or, a nerve is being irritated and is picking up movement sensations from the peristalsis action in my intestines. Its a horrific sensation.

      Could a hernia elsewhere be possibly causing this ‘referred pain’, or a nerve associated with the original hernia is being irritated? Impossible to know. Feels like a bulging sensation in my groin, although the hernia has been repaired. Perhaps the repair was not done strongly enough.

      Has anyone experienced similar?


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      William Bryant

      Was it mesh repair or tissue? And how long ago was repair? It may still just be settling down.

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      Thanks for your reply.

      It was mesh repair, open. It was done just over 1 year ago.

      I also just discovered another hernia around 1 inch from the bottom of the scar of that repair. Thinking it’s one of these ‘indirect’ or incisional hernias. Sigh :/

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      Good intentions

      Perineal hernias are a thing.

      I just posted in someone else’s Topic about seeking out a different type of specialist for non-inguinal hernias. Inguinal hernias are high volume run-of-the-mill hernias. If you read up on inguinal hernia repair you won’t find anything about looking for perineal hernias while repairing an inguinal hernia.

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