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      William Bryant

      I have a Rh inguinal hernia and the testicle on that side itches sometimes and aches (slightly) other times also.

      Is that normal?
      Can it happen without hernia extending into scrotum?

      It’s worrying me grealy but I can’t seem to find out what happens if hernia goes into scrotum other than it swells – which mine doesn’t.

      (Ive had an ultrasound saying direcr but saw a consultant who said indirect by feel).

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      It is not uncommon to experience genitofemoral nerve irritation as a result of the hernia. The nerve that supplies the sensation to the testicle is in the neighborhood of the area where the tear in the abdominal wall occurs. The local injury and inflammatory response can irritate the nerve resulting in vague testicular aching or irritation you can’t quite put your finger on.

      In fact for some people they have this for quite some time before they develop a clinically evident hernia. It’s part of the reason they end up being sent to urologists and other specialists and the diagnosis gets missed for quite some time. Eventually the hole gets big enough that fat comes through and then the diagnosis is obvious.

      The pain does not necessarily mean that material is going down into your testicle and causing irritation there.

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      William Bryant

      Thanks Hhelper, a relief. And appreciate the reply.

      Do you know what happens when/if hernia goes into scrotum? Is it visually obvious? Are there additional symptoms?

      Thank you.

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      Good intentions

      I found an old video of a scene I remembered from a TV show. It seems scary but it’s an example of how the intestines will just keep working no matter where they are. You can find pictures around the internet of much worse cases. I think that if something extra ends up in your scrotum you will know it.

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      William Bryant

      Thanks Good Intentions. I managed quite a fair amount of that video. Quite amazing and quite disturbing.

      The unfortunate man didn’t seem in pain at all.

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