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      Male. 33. 5’7″. 250 lbs.

      I’m 14 days post-op an open right inguinal hernia repair. 12 days post-op an orchiectomy (they killed my right testicle) and orchiopexy (to make sure they didn’t kill my left testicle).

      Currently on a 24-hour cycle of Oxycodone/gabapentin/Motrin/Tylenol to control the nerve pain. Also have a swollen scrotum the size of an XL grapefruit that feels like a bowling ball between my legs – so big that my 2XL briefs can barely contain it.

      None of my doctors/surgeons can agree on a timeline as to how long I’ll be swollen and unable to walk around like a normal human being – most of their time is spent giving me performative apologies for what they’ve put me through and reassuring me I won’t be swollen forever. At this rate, I’m expecting 3-4 months. Does that sound realistic?

      Also, I’ve had no sensation down there since the surgeries and I don’t foresee me having sex or children any time soon thanks to them but I’m curious 1) is masturbation even safe at this point (if I can even get it up)? 2) should I be concerned if I can’t; is ED a possibility to be concerned about? 3) are there are any other long-term effects or complications that may occur from having a scrotum swollen for so long?

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      Good intentions

      Wow, that is a scary story. What happened? Was it supposed to be a routine hernia repair? Was the orchiectomy part of the plan or the result of an error?

      Normally, the function of the penis should not be affected by a hernia repair. The don’t get near any of the critical parts for erection. Your pain medication might be causing problems. If they are only for the pain from the operation you might ask about getting off of them. Sometimes they prescribe them for other reasons though, so ask your doctor.


      As I understand things, pain is the sign that there might be problems with swelling. If “no sensation” means numbness that might not help you.

      Are you doing anything different to try to reduce the swelling? It’s a difficult area. It seems like submerging the lower half of your body might help due to hydrostatic pressure. Pool walking or swimming. Just a guess. After two weeks your external wounds should be healed.

      Good luck.

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      Orchiectomy was NOT planned – it was a “complication” of the hernia repair and they never warned me about it or coached me on what to look out for to possibly have helped prevent it. The painkiller/opioid cycle is to manage the constant nerve pain in my entire scrotum from being ripped open 3x in less than 72 hours.

      No sensation = no sign of life down there. I used to have regular morning wood and it’s been limp and lifeless ever since the surgeries. Re: scrotal swelling – all I can do is elevate it and keep putting cold compresses on it which have done a bunch of nothing in the last 2 weeks. Doctors said I can only shower for now and I cannot submerge in any pools/tubs for several more weeks. I expect to be swollen with no change for the next several months thanks to them. I wish I had never let them touch me. I lived life just fine and functioned normally with no pain with the hernia. Having it “repaired” was the worst decision ever. I now have one on my left side that they claim is not emergent but I’d honestly rather live with it ‘til I die than let anyone cut me open down there ever again. I trust no surgeons and doctors to do a good job and not leave me maimed and disfigured for months on end plus I don’t have another testicle to spare.

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      Good intentions

      That’s a shame Jay. Hope you get through it indecent shape.

      Can you share the details of the procedure that was attempted? A surgeon might have some ideas of what to expect.

      has done many open pure tissue repairs. There are a variety of open mesh repairs, involving different types and shapes of mesh, and different methods of placement. Some of them are placed pretty deeply in to the abdomen even though the procedure is “open”.

      It sounds like they cut off the blood supply to your testicle, whatever method they tried. Even a pure tissue repair can have problems like yours.

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      Damn that sounds rough.
      I feel for you.

      As far as I can tell, you only had the repair on the right side?
      And the seroma/hematoma was so severe that it also affected the left testicle?
      That sounds possible, but it doesn’t explain why you have no sensation at all down there, since your left side was mostly unaffected.

      I had a huge hematoma for two months after my first surgery, since my blood doesn’t clot properly, which the surgeon didn’t bother to check.

      My testicle survived though, so I think you can reasonably hope that yours, which is only affected as a collateral, will be fine.
      Losing the other one still sucks though of course.
      You should still be able to have children with one. And I’ve read that the remaining one actually produces extra testosterone to make up for his fallen brother but I’m not an endocrinologist.

      Anyway, I hope you recover as much as possible quickly.
      I think the swelling and inflammation might explain the numbness although it could also be nerves.
      You probably have to wait a little longer to figure that out.

      At least it sounds like you’re getting decent pain medication

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